“Hiring Carla to assist with Development needs has advanced both the leadership and the mission of Employment Options. Carla has an innate ability to translate her professional expertise in a manner to effectively focus the work while coaching individuals, advancing learning while achieving the goals of the organization.”

-Toni Wolf, Executive Director, Employment Options

Carla Cataldo

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MA Nonprofit
A statewide association of nonprofit organizations, whose mission is to strengthen Massachusetts through nonprofit advocacy, public awareness and capacity building.

The NonProfit Net,
Their mission is to unite nonprofits within a community to attract local philanthropic resources and to increase their capacity to deliver services. Monthly presentations held at the Lexington, MA Public Library.

The MetroWest Nonprofit Network
The MetroWest Nonprofit Network strengthens local nonprofit organizations by improving interagency communication, sharing ideas and information, and providing expertise on topics of mutual interest.

“The money we spent with Proposals, Etc. has been received back tenfold in services received and great public relations that the grant award generated. We never would have found the Arnold Arboretum program without Carla. With Carla’s research, we improved our odds and became a winner!”

-Katherine Stanton, Chairman, Mendon-Upton Library District