Get That Grant!

The Quick-Start Guide to Successful Proposals by Gail R. Shapiro, Ed.M., and Carla C. Cataldo, M.P.P. $14.95 + shipping or $7.99 e-Book

Learn from seasoned professionals how to build a finished, polished proposal to enhance your chances to get that grant! In eight lessons filled with helpful exercises and examples, you will learn:

  • Get That Grant!The eleven things you must do before you begin to write
  • How to create a realistic budget
  • Where to look for potential funders
  • What funders really want to see, and
  • Much, much more!

Get That Grant! provides a step-by-step blueprint to successful grant proposal writing. It harnesses the authors’ many years of experience writing successful proposals and teaching beginners – and puts that expertise at your disposal, whenever and wherever you need it. Don’t wait another day to gain your competitive edge! To learn more about the book, or to order as a paperback or Ebook, click here.

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“This book is a gem of information, with technical buzz-words explained, and the whole protocol of grant writing put into clear, concise language. Extremely useful and a great reference guide to keep for general types of writing too.” Ronald D. Sanfield

“How I wish I had read this book before I started writing grant proposals! It would have saved me many dead ends. The book easily pays for itself in avoiding costly mistakes. Get That Grant is ingenious, including everything you need to know, but nothing you don’t, so it is blessedly short. Yet it asks all the right questions, starting with whether a grant is even the right way to go –10% of revenues from most organizations come from grants, 90% from other sources. It is practical, to the point, clear. Through a series of well-designed exercises and examples, you spend your time actually doing the planning and grant-writing, not reading unnecessary words. The writers have years of experience with a broad range of organizations, and it shows: They know how to take the reader through a step-by-step process that really works. I will recommend this book to anyone I know who is involved in grant-writing, at any level of experience. It’s important reading for heads of organizations involved in fund-raising as well as the grant-writers themselves.” Kathleen Kasabula


“Carla brings her clients a range of contacts as well as a strong commitment to their success. She has been very resourceful and instrumental in helping Wayside access new funds.”

 – Eric L. Masi, Executive Director, Wayside Youth & Family Support Network