Fundraising During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Tip #1:   Repeat:  We are all connected to one another, we are all connected to one another, we are all…There is no other.  No “us” versus “them”.  Nothing has pointed out this reality more than Covid-19. We are all connected on planet Earth, and are only as strong as our weakest link. So if you are serving the poor, the vulnerable, the infirm, donors are crucial to helping you meet your mission. Tell them how important they are and connect the dots for them. By helping one another, they save us all.

Tip #2:  Create a sense of urgency. Your cause needs money RIGHT NOW. If not because you are serving those directly affected by this world pandemic, then because resources are being diverted to fight it, your events are cancelled due to quarantines on crowds, and the like.

Tip #3: Make donors feel powerful.  Even if a potential donor is sitting home alone in isolation, even if they aren’t feeling well themselves, they can make a powerful difference by contributing from their computer or phone. Combat people’s sense of helplessness in the face of a new, unknown virus by giving people a positive action step that they can take. Empower them to take action for something they believe in.

Tip #4:  Remember the health benefits of giving. Studies have shown that people experience positive physical and mental health benefits by giving. It feels good to give to charity, and it does good for you. Volunteers have likely been sidelined during this health crisis, so make the case for cash donations to experience better health for EVERYONE. Why? See tip number one.