Trends in the Grant World 2014

“It’s a jungle out there.” – Randy Newman, songwriter

The past twelve months have been very challenging on the foundation grant front. If you work in a Jungle monkey and babynonprofit, I hope that you budgeted your expected grant dollars conservatively! It has been harder to obtain grant funds recently in Massachusetts. Why?  Note the following  trends.

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It’s February, and that means it is tax time in my household. Reams of paper enough to kill an entire forest are gathered, to file FAFSA government education forms, and to document taxable deductions for my development consulting business and family IRS forms.

One of the deductions that I pay particular attention to is the charitable tax deduction. I calculate what percentage of my income did my charitable contributions represent. Remember when Al Gore was Vice President and he raised eyebrows by giving less than 1% of his income (aprox. $200K) to charity? Note to people who make more than $150K, that was widely considered to be stingy and below the national average (3.5%).          Continue reading “DO YOUR CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS TELL ME WHO YOU ARE?”