Trends in the Grant World 2014

“It’s a jungle out there.” – Randy Newman, songwriter

The past twelve months have been very challenging on the foundation grant front. If you work in a Jungle monkey and babynonprofit, I hope that you budgeted your expected grant dollars conservatively! It has been harder to obtain grant funds recently in Massachusetts. Why?  Note the following  trends.

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To raise money in a competitive environment, you not only need a compelling mission (e.g. reason), but also the savvy to prove why you are worth donating to again and again.  Here are common subliminal and overt actions/messages that can keep you from successfully raising more.

1) The Board of Directors (Trustees) and/or senior staff members do not contribute to their organization. Can you spell Vote of No Confidence? If the people who know and love the organization the best don’t give, why would anyone else? People do look for this in annual reports, and some foundations/corporations actually ask for the percentage of the Board that makes cash donations. Continue reading “DO YOU SABOTAGE YOURSELF FROM RAISING MORE MONEY?”